"Hadriana in All My Dreams" by René Depestre

This book has been a source of laughter and intrigue during my summer read. In the way that it humorously juxtaposes Haitian Vodou with Catholicism, "Hadriana in All My Dreams" shows how the "real marvelous" enriches Haitian culture. With echoes of "A Hundred Years of Solitude" throughout, this is yet another great translation by Kaiama Glover who continues to make Haitian literature accessible to audiences worldwide. Happy Summer!

Seydou Keïta & Malick Sidibé

Caroline's Wedding is an attempt to explore Haitian-American memory on the screen. Photographs will play an important part in the film since for many immigrants it's all we have of the past. During my research for Caroline's Wedding I have been fascinated with photographer's Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibé both Malian photographers. Their photographs are playful, full of gestures, and they capture such individual personalties. Happy Sunday! 

Image by Seydou Keita

Image by Seydou Keita

Poems by Haitian Schoolchildren

Poem by Janaïe Orgella Illustrated by Rogé      

Poem by Janaïe Orgella
Illustrated by Rogé




I love…
A flower, a fruit, a cottage, a man
A multitude of things
The color purple
A small house of straw
A red bird on my roof
A flamboyant
Mauve-yellow, red-pink blossom
One flower, a bouquet of flowers
A green fig
A green window
A thatched cottage of stone
A red mango, another green
An adorned, verdant countryside
A living root
A better life
A country


Director/Writer Easmanie Michel and Producer Jane Applegate at the Reel Works Gala

A couple of weeks ago, Jane and I attended the Reel Works Gala and joined a room filled with entertainment industry professional supporting NYC youths who are expressing their lives through the art of filmmaking. During the event's post gathering, the young filmmakers where given the task of interviewing attendees and they did it which such professionalism and confidence that seemed to hightlighed the courage that the program gives its participates. That was just the icing on the cake of what was a joyful and inspirational evening. 

With Jane Applegate Reelworks.jpg

Ready to Go!

Writer/director Easmanie Michel has assembled a stellar team to help produce "Caroline's Wedding." 

In addition to producers Jane Applegate and Lisa Ehrlich Rapkin, we have created a Cultural Advisory Committee comprised of Haitian-American leaders and influencers including Natalie Holly and Myriam Augustin. We are seeking more members of this esteemed committee to help us with community outreach, location scouting and fund raising.

Our first fund-raiser, a house party, will be announced soon. The highlight of the party will be a live Skype conversation with Edwidge Danticat, the beloved author of the short story upon which the film is based.

We are also planning a larger event with a panel discussion and book signing. Stay tuned for more details on that. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join us in producing this amazing film. My email is: janewapplegate@me.com